Intraoral migraine headache pain relief

Intraoral migraine headache pain relief is the practice of headache pain relief thru pressure points inside the mouth. There are pressure points in the roof of the mouth that, if pressed properly, can relieve migraines and other headaches. There are a few points to consider if interested in this type of treatment:

- I always wear gloves when my hands are in your mouth

- I try points all along the roof of the mouth to see which one, if any, provides relief 

- The patient needs to have a headache/migraine at the time (it's good to call when you feel one coming on)

- As with any massage, it is a good idea to drink water before and after the treatment

- I would still massage other parts of the body 

If you suffer frequently from migraines, call me and I can give you more information to see if it's right for you. 


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